English Speaking Missionary Delegation






The work and charism of Saint Luigi Orione (Don Orione 1872-1940) has been spread throughout the world by the missionary zeal of the Sons of Divine Providence. The congregations of priests and brothers (The Sons of Divine Providence) and sisters (The Little Missionary Sisters of Charity) are present in 32 countries worldwide.

Since 29th August 2006 a new Delegation of the Congregation was formed with the new name Missionary Delegation, “Mother of the Church”. The countries listed below are part of this new development. They are linked together by the use of the English language in these countries.

The former English-Irish delegation of the Sons of Divine Providence was responsible for the establishment of some of these overseas missions. Others were founded by the Superior General and his Council. Now they form one new body within the Congregation of the Sons of Divine Providence. The superior is called the Delegate and has powers delegated to him by the Superior General and his Council.

Our mission in Jordan began in 1985 with Frs. Joseph Tirello and Philip Kehoe. The Don Orione Complex consists of the church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, St Joseph’s Technical College and the Pilgrim’s Hostel. Fr Paul Bidone was involved in the initial work on this project. Our work is mainly concerned with the service of both Christians and Muslims who live in this area and particularly with the provision of help and support to Christian youth.
St Joseph Secondary Comprehensive School for Boys provides a good level of academic (classes 7-12) and technical education in Information technology, computer programming and computer maintenance, hotel management, carpentry.
The Pilgrim’s Hostel is an accommodation centre available to pilgrims and groups from any part of the world at very modest prices.
The Shrine in honour of Our Lady Queen of Peaceis in an area that is attracting many Christians.
We also assist some of the religious communities in the area with Confessions, Masses and Retreats.

St Joseph Centre
P.O. Box 150550,
Zarqa 13115, Jordan.
Telephone: (Religious Community) 00962 5 3861864 Fax: 00962 5386914
(School) 00962 5 3851464
E-mail: (religious community)
E-mail: (school principal)

Kaburugi and Kandisi and Langata: The Mission in Kenya started in 1996 when Fr. Joseph Vallauri was sent out to Kenya to find a house for The Sons of Divine Providence. He opened the first formation house of the congregation at Langata, suburb of Nairobi. It continues as the formation and mother house in Kenya.

We accepted the parish of St. Peter’s in Kaburugi, about 75 km north of Nairobi on 13th December 1998 and we started our work in Kandisi on 9th September 1999 when an SDP father was introduced to the parishioners at a special service.

The First Kenyan Priest was ordained in November 2005. Our pastoral work includes parish apostolate, working with AIDS victims, people with disabilities, older people, a dressmaking school, nursery schools and a computer school.

St Peter’s Catholic Church, Kaburugi, 
P.O. Box 2212-01000 Thika. Kenya.

The Sons of Divine Providence 
P.O. Box 15145-00509
Langata South Road, Nairobi, Kenya

In 2001 the first two priests landed in Bangalore to set up an exploratory mission. The mission became a reality in June 2002 when the first 8 boys arrived to join our newly opened seminary. As part of their training, our candidates co-operate with several local charitable institutions. They work mainly with: the handicapped, the elderly, street children, AIDS orphans and also at the Don Orione Centre. The Don Orione Centre is a welfare centre run by the Kripa Trust (a charitable trust recognised by the government of Karnataka State) with the co-operation of the Sons of Divine Providence.

Don Orione Centre 
The Sons of Divine Providence,
Maria Sadan, Chikka Byrathi Village,
Dodda-Gubbi P.O. Bangalore 562149, India
Tel: 0091 8065 990172 

The Philippines
We first set foot in Philippines in 1991, namely, Fr Oreste Ferrari and Fr Mugnai.
We have a parish in Payatas that serves 100,000 people. We now have feeding centres, clinics for general and specialised health care, some computer libraries, a small school and some small co-operatives.

Mother of Divine Providence
24 San Juan Evangelista Street
Payatas - A
Quezon City 1119
Metro Manila
The Philippines
Tel . 0063 2 9513683

Montalban, Rizal
At Montalban, Rizal which is twelve kilometres from Patayas we have a seminary for young men wishing to become priests or brothers and a house for mentally disabled children and adolescents called “The Little Cottolengo Filipino”.

Saint Luigi Orione Seminary
Gloria Vista Subd., Rolling Hills
San Raphael Rodriguez
Montalban Rizal 1860
Tel. 0063 2 7038959
Tel. 0063 2 7036855

Little Cottolengo
Also at Rizal we provide residential care for up to 40 severely disabled children/adolescents, a specialised speech and physiotherapy unit and a day care centre. Our priests and brothers are in charge of the activities, assisted by paid staff and volunteers.

The Cottolengo Filipino
Gloria Vista Subd., Rolling Hills
San Raphael Rodriguez
Montalban Rizal 1860
Tel. 0063 24752431

Our Benefactors
We thank all those generous people who have helped with fund raising for our missions. We need more funds to maintain our work and are grateful for all the kind support of our benefactors.